Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics
Connecting Ideas

The Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics (BCTP) is a joint enterprise of theoretical physicists and mathematicians at various institutes associated with the University of Bonn. It serves as a hub for connecting ideas from a broad spectrum of scientific areas in the spirit of its eponym - Hans Bethe. Click here for more information.

News & Events
New Collaborative Research Centre NuMeriQS

The CRC1639 Numerical Methods for Dynamics and Structure Formation in Quantum Systems (NuMeriQS) is an interdisciplinary collaborative research centre funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) with around 8 Million Euro. Its goal is to build a network among theoretical chemists, theoretical physicists, numerical mathematicians and computer scientiests. Project leaders of the CRC NuMeriQS include the Bethe Center Members Lena Funcke, Claude Duhr, David Luitz, Jürgen Dölz, Ulf-G. Meißner as well as the spokesperson Carsten Urbach.

Bernhard Heß Prize for Ekta Chaubey

Ekta Chaubey receives the Förderpreis "Dozentur Professor Bernhard Heß" of the Regensburger Universitätsstiftung, which is associated with prize money of 2.000 Euro. The award gives outstanding young scientists the opportunity to hold guest lectures in Regensburg. The prize ceremony took place during the "Day of Physics" at the University of Regensburg.

15th Anniversary of the Bethe Center

15 years ago, on 7th of November 2008, the inauguration ceremony of the Bethe Center took place with members of the Bethe family.

Prof. Herbi Dreiner publishes two new books

Recently Professor Herbi Dreiner of the Bethe Center published a graduate level textbook as well as an outreach book on particle physics.

PhenoDay at the Bethe Center

A one-day meeting on particle phenomenology was organized by Herbi Dreiner's group in Bonn together with groups from Aachen, Heidelberg, Nijmegen and U. Amsterdam.

Two Humboldt Prizes with connections to the Bethe Center

Prof. Uwe-Jens Wiese from the University of Bern and Prof. Jie Meng from Peking University both receive the prestigious Humboldt Prize of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation after being nominated by the Director of the Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics, Prof. Ulf-G. Meißner.

Bethe Forum: Dynamic Interactions: Uniting Non-Equilibrium and...
Bethe Center
09:00 AM
"Dynamic Interactions: Uniting Non-Equilibrium and Condensed Matter Physics" - For further details, follow the link in the "Additional Information" category.
Bethe Forum: Fishnets: Conformal Field Theories and Feynman Gr...
Bethe Center
09:00 AM
"Fishnets: Conformal Field Theories and Feynman Graphs" - For further details, follow the link in the "Additional Information" category.
Bethe Colloquium by Konstantin Zarembo
Bethe Center
04:15 PM - 06:15 PM
"TBA" - For further details, follow the link in the "Additional Information" category.
Bethe Forum: Fall Bonn HEP Meeting 2024
Bethe Center
09:00 AM
"Fall Bonn HEP Meeting 2024" - For further details, follow the link in the "Additional Information" category.
Bethe Forum: Machine-Learning-Based Sampling in Lattice Field ...
Bethe Center
09:00 AM
"Machine-Learning-Based Sampling in Lattice Field Theory and Quantum Chemistry" - For further details, follow the link in the "Additional Information" category.

Bethe Formats

The Bethe Center organizes the following regular events.

Forum Romanum
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Bethe Forums

World experts come together in our Bethe Forums to discuss cutting edge research topics and to initiate and foster collaborations.

Hoersaal_07-Frank Homann Universität Bonn.jpg
© Frank Homann/Universität Bonn

Bethe Colloquia

The Bethe colloquium sheds light on a topic of joint interest and is given by a leading figure in the respective field.

© Florian Loebbert

Bethe Lecture Series

Topical lecture series complement the activities at the Bethe Center. Typically these address students and researchers at the same time.

Research at the Bethe Center

The Bethe Center is home to researchers from a broad spectrum of topics in physics and mathematics.

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© Lucas Taylor (CC BY-SA 4.0)

High Energy Physics

The theory of elementary particles explores the most fundamental building blocks of nature.

© Colourbox/Kiyoshi Takahase Segundo

Hadron & Nuclear Physics

The strong force governs the building blocks of nuclei which are composed of quarks and gluons.

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Condensed Matter Physics

The properties of matter are derived from the physics of its constituents.

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Mathematics and physics are deeply connected and keep inspiring each other.

Strings Abstract
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 Mathematical Physics & Strings

Elementary strings provide a fascinating model of particles and a source for mathematical insight.

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Astroparticle Physics

The intersection of astro- and particle physics  represents an intriuging research area.

Organization of the Bethe Center

Directors and Manager

The Bethe Center is led by its board of directors and its scientific manager.

Prof. C. Duhr (Director)

Prof. U.-G. Meißner (Associate Director)

Prof. C. Stroppel (Associate Director)

Dr. F. Loebbert (Scientific Manager)

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee meets regularly to discuss recent developments and next steps.

Prof. J. Dölz

Prof. M. Drees

Prof. H. Dreiner

Prof. C. Duhr

Prof. L. Funcke

Prof. A. Klemm

Prof. J. Kroha

Prof. D. Luitz

Prof. U.-G. Meißner

Prof. H. Monien

Prof. H. P. Nilles

Prof. C. Stroppel

Prof. C. Urbach

Prof. D. Zagier

Advisory Board

Leading experts from all over the world provide external advice on future plans for the Bethe Center.

Prof. J. Gasser (Bern) 

Prof. J. Kim (Seoul)

Prof. D. Lüst (München)

Prof. A. Millis (New York)

Prof. F. Otto (Leipzig) 

Prof. S. Raby (Columbus)


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