07. November 2023

Two New Books by Herbi Dreiner Prof. Herbi Dreiner publishes two new books

Recently Professor Herbi Dreiner of the Bethe Center published a graduate level textbook as well as an outreach book on particle physics.

HerbiBooks © Florian Loebbert
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Recently two new books were published by Professor Herbi Dreiner of the Bethe Center.

Firstly, the textbook "From Spinors to Supersymmetry" written together with Howard Haber (University of California, Santa Cruz) and Stephen Martin (Northern Illinois University) presents a detailed introduction to quantum field theory with 2-component spinor fields. It then goes on to offer an introduction to supersymmetric quantum field theory and its applications.

Secondly, Herbi Dreiner published the German book "Faszinierende Teilchenphysik" together with his colleagues Philip Bechtle, Florian Bernlochner, Christoph Hanhart, Josef Jochum, Jörg Pretz and Kristin Riebe. This books gives a detailed and yet accessible introduction to the field of particle physics aimed at the general public. Each subtopic is described in a self-contained fashion on a double-page. Thus the book need not be read in a linear fashion. An English translation is in preparation for next year.

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