14. September 2023

New member of the Bethe Center in mathematical physics Guglielmo Lockhart arrives with ERC Starting Grant

Guglielmo Lockhart
Guglielmo Lockhart © Florian Loebbert
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Guglielmo’s research focuses on non-perturbative aspects of quantum field theory in various dimensions. In particular, as part of his ERC Starting Grant project EXTENDED he will be studying the role that extended objects (vortex strings and other field configurations supported on two or more dimensions) play in quantum field theory. On the physics side, Guglielmo’s research relies on the use of string theoretic techniques, such as string/M-/F-theory compactification and stringy dualities, while on the mathematics side it makes contact with a range of topics of research including enumerative geometry, representation theory, and the theory of automorphic forms.

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