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Second Newsletter 2016
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  • Bethe-Colloquium by Peter Scholze, October 27th 2016
  • Bethe-Colloquium by Markus Gabriel, November 14th 2016. Please note the unusual day and time!
  • Bethe-Colloquium by Joachim Schultze, November 21th 2016
  • Bethe Forum "Beyond the standard Higgs-system", Nov. 28th - Dec. 2nd, 2016
    Convenors: Sabine Kraml (Grenoble), Hans Peter Nilles (Bonn), Tilman Plehn (Heidelberg) and Veronica Sanz (Sussex)

Further information will be given as soon as they are available.

Bethe Colloquium by Peter Scholze

October 2016
Poster Colloquium Scholze

October's Bethe Colloquium will take place on October 27th
(4:15 pm) in Hörsaal I:

  • Peter Scholze (Mathematical Institute Bonn)
  • Hyperbolic 3-manifolds and Galois representations
  • Hörsaal I, Physikalisches Institut

Abstract: A large part of modern number theory deals with the relation between algebraic objects and analytic objects, as in the famous Shimura-Taniyama-Weil conjecture relating elliptic curves with modular forms, whose proof by Wiles, completed by Taylor, et. al., lead to the solution of Fermat's Last Theorem. I will try to explain the general Langlands conjectures underlying this picture, and describe some recent results, in particular in the situation mentioned in the title.

Bethe Colloquium by Markus Gabriel

November 2016
Poster Colloquium Gabriel

November's Bethe Colloquium will take place on November 14th
(2:15 pm) in Hörsaal I:

  • Markus Gabriel (Institut für Philosophie, Bonn)
  • What is Metaphysics and Why Does ist Matter?
  • Hörsaal I, Physikalisches Institut

Please note the unusual day (monday) and time!

Abstract: As a first approximation metaphysics is a discipline which deals with absolutely everything which exists. There are many names for this extraordinary totality: the world as a whole, reality, cosmos, nature, the universe. Yet, how could we possibly ever know enough in order to figure out what the fundamental structure of such an extraordinary object or domain of objects is? In my presentation, I will introduce some contemporary philosophical arguments in central fields of theoretical philosophy such as metaphysics, metametaphysics and epistemology. In particular, my aim is to raise questions concerning the limits of both science and metaphysics. In this context, I will also deal with the recently much-discussed question whether the universe is or could be a simulation and how anyone could ever come to believe that it might be.

Bethe Forum "Beyond the standard Higgs-system"

28.11.2016 – 02.12.2016
Poster Beyond the standard Higgs-system
We are happy to announce the Bethe Forum "Beyond the standard Higgs-system", taking place from November 28th to December 2nd, 2016, in the Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics in Bonn. The organizers are Sabine Kraml (Grenoble), Hans Peter Nilles (Bonn), Tilman Plehn (Heidelberg) and Veronica Sanz (Sussex).

More information and the application form are available here.