Upcoming events

  • Bethe-Colloquium by Urs Wiedemann, May 7th 2015
  • Bethe Forum on "String Cosmology", June 15th to 19th 2015
  • Bethe-Colloquium by S.H. Henry Tye, June 18th 2015
  • Bethe-Colloquium by Peter Koepke, July 2nd 2015
  • Bethe-Colloquium by Jan Louis, October 22nd 2015
  • Bethe-Colloquium by Christof Wetterich, November 19th 2015

Further information will be given as soon as they are available.

Bethe Colloquium by Prof. Urs Achim Wiedemann

May 2015
Urs Achim Wiedemann

May's Bethe Colloquium will take place on May 7th (3:15 pm) in Hörsaal I:

  • Urs Achim Wiedemann (CERN-PH/TH)
  • Heavy-ion collisions at the LHC
  • Hörsaal I, Physikalisches Institut

Abstract: The “standard model” of ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions is based on the picture that viscous relativistic fluid dynamics can account for the time evolution of dense QCD matter produced in the nuclear overlap area, and that this transient QCD fluid attenuates the production of high momentum-transfer processes. My talk will review the experimental evidence supporting this picture, as well as the questions for a theory of heavy ion collisions arising from it. One recurrent theme will be that the little bangs produced in heavy ion collisions and the Big Bang are the smallest and largest physical systems respectively, for which fluctuation analysis can inform us about material properties. I shall discuss recent efforts that raise this observation beyond the level of a mere analogy by exploiting techniques of modern cosmology in heavy ion physics and vice versa.

Bethe Forum on String Cosmology

15.06.2015 – 19.06.2015
String Cosmology Poster
The Bethe Forum on String Cosmology is a one week program which brings together experts in cosmology and string theory. Among other topics, the advances and challenges in embedding inflation in string theory are discussed. The workshop takes place from June 15th to June 19th. More information about the program and the registration can be found here.