Upcoming events for 2014

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Bethe Colloquium by Prof. Antonio Masiero

January 2014

April's Bethe Colloquium will take place on April 24th (3:15 pm) in Hörsaal I:

  • Antonio Masiero (INFN, Padua)
  • The Early Universe and LHC: 2 Accelerators for 1 New Physics
  • Hörsaal I, Physikalisches Institut

Abstract: The discovery of the Higgs boson (LHC) and the results on the cosmic background radiation radiation (early Universe) have assessed the validity of the GSW Standard Model of particle physics and the hot Big Bang ΛCDM Standard Model of cosmology. Yet, there are quite a few, but important, pieces of evidence that new physics beyond such Standard Models exists: neutrino masses, dark matter, cosmic matter-antimatter asymmetry, primordial inflation, dark energy. Unfortunately, there's no clear clue on the mass scale of the new particles/interactions associated with such new physics. Strong, though debatable, arguments (related to the fine-tuning of fundamental parameters connected to the Higgs boson mass and the unification of fundamental interactions) point to a new physics mass scale accessible to the LHC and with relevant implications for the early Universe dynamics. I' ll review the three-fold approach (high-energy and high-intensity machines, astroparticle physics) hunting for such (low-energy) new physics focusing, as an explicit example, on the probes of the virtual presence of new particles in very rare phenomena with lepton flavor violation.