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Bethe Forum on Constructive Methods in Number Theory

02.03.2015 – 06.03.2015
Constructive Methods Poster
Dessins d'enfants and their realization as Belyi maps of compact Riemann surfaces were originally discovered by Felix Klein. Their importance and relevance was finally understood by Alexander Grothendieck who rediscovered and named them in his "Esquisse d'un programme" in 1984. The most important aspect of dessins is the operation of the absolute Galois group on them. Accordingly, dessins d'enfants provide fascinating insights and fundamental links between different fields of mathematics like inverse Galois theory, Teichmüller spaces, hypermaps, algebraic number theory and mathematical physics. The related problem of the construction of Riemann surfaces with given automorphism group turns out to be rather challenging.

Recently there have been several attempts to attack this difficult problem with some success. However we are still far from understanding what Grothendieck called the tower of Teichmüller groupoids. The goal of the workshop is to bring together experts from different fields of mathematics to share their insights and enlighten the connections between the algebraic, geometric and number theoretic aspects of the problem.

The homepage of the program can be found here.

Bethe Forum Lecture Series on Axions

09.03.2015 – 13.03.2015
Axions Poster

Topics include

  • Basics of the Strong CP Problem and Axion Solution
  • Axion Models and Low Energy Couplings
  • Axion-like-Particles and Other Light States
  • Axions in Cosmology
  • Axions in String Theory

The homepage of the program can be found here.

XVII Workshop - Beyond the Standard Model

16.03.2015 – 19.03.2015
Bad Honnef Poster
From March 16th to March 19th, 2015, the yearly workshop "Beyond the Standard Model" is taking place at the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef. The workshop focuses on recent developments in the theory of fundamental particles, the physics of the early universe, and mathematical physics. The deadline for registration is February 6th, 2015.
The topics and speakers of the pedagogical lectures are:
  • Daniel Baumann (Cambridge University): Recent Developments in (String) Cosmology
  • Stefano Cremonesi (King's College London): New exact Results in Supersymmetric Field Theories
  • Henning Samtleben (ENS Lyon): Introduction to Exceptional Field Theory
  • Eran Palti (Heidelberg University): Prospects in String Phenomenology
For more information and registration see the webpage.

Bethe Forum on Methods in lattice field theory

23.03.2015 – 02.04.2015
Lattice Field Theory Poster
Lattice field theories have become important tools to study non-perturbative phenomena in Quantum Chromodynamics and nuclear physics. In both fields, the lattice regularisation allows investigation of phenomenologically important observables from first principles. In order to further reduce systematic uncertatinties and to tackle more observables, advanced methods need to be deviced and applied. The aim of the program is to bring together world leading experts for methods in lattice field theory and trigger discussions and future developments in this research area.

Topics include:
  • Finite volume methods on the lattice
  • Scattering observables
  • Exotic bound states and resonances
  • All mode averaging and distillation
  • Analysis methods for time series of large correlator matrices
  • Algorithms for nuclear correlation functions
  • Nuclear lattice simulations
For more informations and registration se the webpage.