Bethe Colloquium

The monthly Bethe Colloquium brings together some of the leading researchers in fields reaching from theoretical physics to mathematics. It aims to encourage communication between the diverse spectrum of scientist at the bctp. The seminar takes place on one Thursday of the month at 16 c.t. in the Hörsaal I (PI) or Seminar Room bctp 1 (2.019).

Upcoming Colloquia

Date Title Speaker
Jul. 12 tba Stuart Raby (Columbus)

Past Colloquia

Date Title Speaker
Jun. 21 Testing General Relativity with the Large Scale Structure of the Universe Ruth Durrer (Geneva)
May. 3 New Developments on Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking: universal theme to all physics Hitoshi Murayama (Berkeley/Tokyo)
Apr. 19 From the Motion of Planets to Elementary Particles Johannes Henn (Mainz University)