Bethe Forum
LHC, Dark Matter and Unification

Bethe Forum Program

We aim at an interactive program with few talks and extensive discussion sessions on topics of mutual interest.

The 3 week program of the Bethe Forum will be structured as follows:
  • The focus of the first week will be on LHC and Collider Phenomenology
  • The focus of the second week will be on Grand Unification
  • The focus of the third week will be on Dark Matter


Talks take place in the bctp Seminar room (Wegelerstraße 10, 2.019) except for the colloquia on Friday, which are in Hörsaal I (please note that the indicated times are to be understood c.t.).
The programme is also available for download here.

Mon, Oct 31 Tue, Nov 01 Wed, Nov 02 Thu, Nov 03 Fri, Nov 04

G. Ross D. Berge G. Panico

14-16 M. Krämer J. Kroseberg Discussion,
N. Desai

Coffee Break
16-18 J. Conley,
J. Tattersall
P. Wienemann Colloquium:
J. Hewett

19 Reception Social Dinner

Mon, Nov 07 Tue, Nov 08 Wed, Nov 09 Thu, Nov 10 Fri, Nov 11
10-12 S. Raby G. Honecker S. Groot Nibbelink W. Buchmüller E.J. Chun

14-16 M. Ratz P. Vaudrevange Discussion M. Olechowski Discussion

Coffee Break
16-18 B. Dutta,
D. Tovey
S. Krippendorf Z. Tavartkiladze,
F. Rühle
Discussion Colloquium:
S. White

19 Reception Social Dinner

Mon, Nov 14 Tue, Nov 15 Wed, Nov 16 Thu, Nov 17 Fri, Nov 18
10-12 M. Drees M. Schumann WP Lecture P. Gondolo M. Winkler

Lunch Lunch
14-16 M. Cirelli C. Ciemniak
S. Kraml Discussion

Coffee Break
16-18 C. Grojean J. Edsjö,
E. Laenen
Discussion S. Palomares Ruiz,
N. Bernal
L. Baudis

19 Reception Social Dinner

L. Baudis Dark matter: new results from direct detection
D. Berge LHC monojet searches | Slides (pdf) | Slides (pptx)
N. Bernal Constraining Dark Matter Properties and the Milky Way Dark Matter Density Profile with Fermi-LAT | Slides (pdf)
W. Buchmüller B-L breaking as the origin of the hot early universe | Slides (pdf)
E.J. Chun U(1)′ seesaw models and sneutrino dark matter | Slides (pdf)
C. Ciemniak CRESST | Slides (pdf)
M. Cirelli Dark Matter Indirect Detection: status circa 11/2011 | Slides (pdf)
J. Conley Fitting mixed modulus-anomaly mediated SUSY breaking at the LHC | Slides (pdf)
N. Desai Supersymmetry at the LHC | Slides (pdf)
M. Drees WIMPS: An Introduction | Slides (pdf)
B. Dutta SUSY Models, Dark Matter and the LHC | Slides (pdf) | Slides (pptx)
J. Edsjö Neutrinos as a signal for dark matter | Slides (pdf)
P. Gondolo Dark Stars, or How Dark Matter can make a Star shine | Slides (pdf)
C. Grojean Composite Higgs Physics at Colliders | Slides (pdf)
S. Groot Nibbelink Blow-up of Heterotic Orbifolds and Gauged Linear Sigma Models | Slides (pdf)
J. Hewett Discovering the Quantum Universe: The Role of Particle Accelerators
G. Honecker Model Building with Intersecting Branes | Slides (pdf)
S. Kraml Implications of current LHC results for supersymmetry and neutralino dark matter | Slides (pdf)
M. Krämer SUSY Fits at the LHC | Slides (pdf)
S. Krippendorf Model building with branes at singularities | Slides (pdf)
J. Kroseberg tba
E. Laenen Threshold resummation for squark and gluino production | Slides (pdf)
M. Olechowski Supersymmetric SO(10) GUT with light sparticle spectrum | Slides (pdf)
S. Palomares Ruiz Beyond Dark Matter Detection with Neutrino Telescopes | Slides (pdf)
G. Panico Composite Higgs Models at the LHC | Slides (pdf)
S. Raby Introduction to Grand Unification | Slides (pdf)
M. Ratz Discrete Symmetries in the MSSM and in GUTs | Slides (pdf)
G. Ross Whither SUSY? | Slides (pdf)
F. Rühle Matching of Heterotic Orbifold and Blowup Theories via Anomalies | Slides (pdf)
M. Schumann XENON | Slides (pdf)
J. Tattersall Spin determination at the LHC | Slides (pdf)
Z. Tavartkiladze Realistic Grand Unification and Nucleon Decay | Slides (pdf)
D. Tovey Searches for Squarks and Gluinos in the Jets + MET + 0-lepton Channel at ATLAS | Slides (pptx) | Slides (pdf)
P. Vaudrevange Review on Model Building in Heterotic Orbifolds | Slides (pdf)
S. White The time-scale structure of dark matter halos
P. Wienemann tba
M. Winkler Constraints on Light Dark Matter from Indirect Detection | Slides (pdf)

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