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LHC, Dark Matter and Unification


  • On Wednesday, November 16th, there will be the Wolfgang Paul lecture (poster pdf):
    CERN director Rolf-Dieter Heuer will talk about "The search of a deeper understanding of our universe at the Large Hadron Collider: the World's Largest Particle Accelerator".

  • Each Friday there will be a colloquium talk at 16 c.t.:
    • JoAnne Hewett on Friday, November 04
    • Simon White on Friday, November 11
    • Laura Baudis on Friday, November 18

  • We will have a Welcome Reception in each week, always at 19 s.t.:
    • Wednesday, November 02
    • Monday, November 07
    • Monday, November 14

  • Each Friday, there will be a social dinner in a nearby restaurant. We will put up a list early in the week where you can sign up. Note that we do not have funds to cover the dinner, so you will have to pay yourself!
    • On November 04, we will go to Fellinis in Poppelsdorf.
    • On November 11, we will go to Bierhaus Machold in the Altstadt.
    • On November 18, we will go to Meyer′s in Poppelsdorf.

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