Bethe Forum
LHC, Dark Matter and Unification


Some organisational information about the Bethe Forum:
  • Registration: On your arrival at the institute, please go to the secretaries (Dagmar Fassbender, Patricia Zuendorf, Michaela Mettler) in the Theory Group of the PI (Rooms 1.025 or 1.026, entrance from Nußallee 12). You will get a workshop bag containing your name badge, WIFI key and office key.
  • Offices and Seminar Room: The Forum will take place in the bctp rooms on the top floor of the building Wegelerstraße 10. The rooms can be accessed internally from the PI (there will be signs to direct you) or from the entrance Wegelerstraße 10. Talks will be in the seminar room, and you will get a visitor table in an office there.
  • Coffee Breaks: In the afternoon we will have coffee breaks from 15:45 to 16:15 in the kitchen in the bctp corridor (except before the Friday colloquia, when the coffee break will be in the Heinrich Hertz room). The kitchen is equipped with a coffee machine and a kettle if you require coffee or tea at other times.
  • Receptions and Social Dinners: At the begining of each week there will a reception. Please wear your badge to identify you as a participant. At the end of each week we will have a social dinner in a local restaurant. Please note that we do not have funding to cover the dinner, so you will have to pay yourself. We will ask you to register a few days in advance (during the workshop, in the first week on Wednesday) so we can reserve sufficient tables.
  • Laptops, Talks: All talks will be in the seminar room in Wegelerstraße 10 (room 2.01), except the Friday colloquia which will take place in Hörsaal 1. Note that the talk times are to be understood as c.t. Talks can be given with beamer or blackboard. You can use your own laptop or one provided by us. You can borrow Kensington locks from to secure your laptop in your office (we recommend this).

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